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Live Review: Big Thief @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

February 21, 2017

By Live4ever - Posted on 10 Feb 2017 at 8:00am Big Thief live in Bristol (Jessica Bartolini for Live4ever)They say ignorance is bliss. Turns out ‘they’ might be right, just for all the wrong reasons. As Big Thief take to the stage it dawns on this writer: he knows absolutely nothing about them – except one solitary thing. The ‘thing’? Their song, Paul. Paul alone is reason enough to travel anywhere. Its absolute raw intensity is breathtaking.Now what? Maybe kill time until they play Paul? No, Big Thief are not here to kill time, or just play. They are here to share an experience with like-minded, passionate people. Adrianne Lenker‘s impassioned and aching vocals are haunting. Filling this small, smelly... Continue Reading →

Band Of Horses @ Leeds O2 Academy

February 21, 2017

Why Are You OK‘s release in June last year has brought Band Of Horses back to the UK for a small tour which was at the Leeds Academy on February 19th. Live4ever’s Gary Mather was there for our next gallery: Read more: Ahead of its release, frontman Ben Bridwell had detailed the changing dynamic of the band as their private lives took precedence during the album’s recording. “I didn’t have the opportunity, like I used to, to kind of squirrel away in some cabin or a beach house,” he told EW. “I work all night and then take them to school in the morning. I’m the scariest dad in the school, I’m sure.”“I didn’t want to just pander to... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Beat Happening – ‘Look Around’

November 24, 2015

It’s easy, through the rosy tint of nostalgia, to believe that indie’s Year Zero came with the release of C-86, the NME’s now legendary compilation of bands from across a musical spectrum which at the time felt all consuming, but in retrospect proved to be less so. As our tastes became moulded over time by a particular strain of machismo led, sixties-filtered tropes, history became even more blurred, to the point that a British flag would be draped over everything with direct lineage to 1976, a panoply of genres from post-punk to Britpop. Beat Happening are not only a neat, cross-Atlantic rebuttal to that theory in evolutionary terms – their first EP was released in 1983 – but also proof... Continue Reading →