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Beirut post video for When I Die

April 14, 2019

Photo: Paul Bachmann Beirut have posted their video for When I Die.   “After the psychosomatic session that inspired the Gallipoli cover art, I ran another session with Zach to guide a new video for When I Die,” says its director Brody Condon. “Something was missing. Later I learned the song was loosely about a fictional suicide cult, so I facilitated a group encounter with the band before their show in Berlin.” “I was surprised by their willingness to test each other’s boundaries, and spontaneously embody elements of Zach’s inner zone. They told me these intimate processes didn’t feel so differently from what they already do on stage.” ‘Gallipoli, for all its multi-cultural signatures, still feels more like a waypoint... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Gang Of Four – Happy Now

April 14, 2019

Andy Gill will pardon you, but he’s heard it all before – meaning the gag about since he’s now the only original member of Gang Of Four post the departure of Jon King wouldn’t it be better to call the group he now fronts Gang Of One or something? He’d probably crack a smile but move on. Even if that first line-up, which coalesced around the Leeds University art-punk scene of the late nineteen seventies were still together, it could hardly be expected for them to fossilise; whilst the last album featuring King – 2011’s Content – was closer to the discordant, charged post-punk schema for which they were renowned, stasis has never really been Gill’s thing. A curmudgeon who’s... Continue Reading →

Live Review: ‘This is a band who know they are going places’ – Fontaines D.C. at Bristol Thekla

April 14, 2019

Fontaines D.C. performing at South By Southwest 2019 (Sam Huddleston / Live4ever) There’s something special about watching a band live in the week they release their new album. They’re normally brimming with energy and crackling with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their latest masterpiece is finally finished and about to be unleashed. That can be doubly applied to debut albums, when the finishing touches have been put on songs that have been worked over, pulled apart and reconstructed for years. Throw in the fact that a lifetime ambition has been achieved, and you can see why they are pleased. So it is with Fontaines D.C. Their album Dogrel has been met with positive reviews, justifying their ‘ones to watch’... Continue Reading →