July 28, 2015


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S’s – Love Life

Okay. Bit darker for you. Not entirely convinced by the title of the song, think the artist (LA based S’s or the wonderfully improbably named JEF 700S – possibly not the name his parents gave him but then it is LA) may not actually be as in love with life as he claims given the screaming that’s going on here.

Taking its cue from the likes of The Normal (Daniel Miller, owner of Mute Records for those that don’t know), Kraftwerk, Pixies and Sheffield’s immortal Cabaret Voltaire along with a love of Eraserhead, Blade Runner and their dystopian ilk, Love Life is a 10 minute slice of pounding beats augmented by a claustrophobic video that sits as some vision of hell.

This ten minute slice of darkness serves as a herald for the album ‘Exploded View Of Love’, out today and consisting of ten two minute long songs (which may be the dictionary definition of contrary) followed by a twenty minute piece that (apparently) stops being a song after three minutes and becomes a ‘zen fade out’. Which is my favourite sentence so far today.

I’m currently on the ninth minute. The guitars have arrived. Lots of guitars. Metal Machine Music level guitars.

Wonderfully relentless.

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