February 10, 2014


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Damien Jurado - Silver Timothy

You know when you have thoroughly unjustified preconceptions about an artist? Yeah, that. I'd always thought of Damien Jurado as an overly earnest, angst ridden, pain racked acoustic balladeer. If pushed I would probably have classified him as 'aimed at the Coldplay market' and left it there. A David Gray, a Damien Rice. Obviously I had never actually bothered to listen to him. That, in fairness, is why they're called preconceptions. So, eleven albums into his career, I was more than a little sideswiped by 'Silver Timothy', a lovely floating piece of psych pop with touches of Grandaddy's dream textures and Richard Hawley's 'Standing At The Sky's Edge'. The lead single from the 'Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son' album, it's late sixties America incarnate; three minutes of bliss that point toward greater discoveries instore. I'm late to the party. That's what assumptions do for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4sQz6Y5g88

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