February 17, 2014


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El Born - The Kangaroo EP

Sometimes it's not the words that make the song. Sometimes its the 'ooh -ooh's that catch you. Sometimes it's the pure repetitition of a hook laden chorus leaping into an insistent guitar line. Sometimes it's that indefinable something. El Born know this. Si Connelly and Hils (the duo that make up El Born) recorded their debut album with Chris Potter (The Verve's Urban Hymns) and Dom Morley (Amy Winehouse's Back To Black). For free. Chris and Dom gave their services gratis as Si was 'so broke that he was living out of his car'. *That* is belief. Justified belief if the Kangaroo EP is evidence of what's to come. I'm hearing early Starsailor (a good thing) and the mighty Long Ryders on the title track and Jeff Buckley on the pain wracked, distraught 'Catch The Sun' and the upbeat'1982'. That's your reccomendation right there and here's the music: https://soundcloud.com/stratamusic/sets/el-born-kangaroo-ep/s-BK9sK

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