February 18, 2014


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Will Varley - Weddings & Wars

Sometimes the audio and the visual are almost impossible to separate. Such is the situation with Will Varley's 'Weddings & Wars'. Standing alone the folksinger's latest single is a pleasant acoustic and fiddle based sway working it's way through an entire socio-political history of mankind like a less frantic version of the 'Big Bang Theory' theme; with the video though it becomes something else. The video is self created, an 8 bit narrative with the feel of an early Nintendo platform game (perhaps that's all life really is) The problem then becomes this: can the song truly stand alone? The visuals are so strong, so defining that they can overwhelm. Here's your challenge then: experience the two together in order to appreciate Will's effort and invention in the creation of this game-like illustration of the lyrics then close your eyes and repeat the exercise to appreciate the lyrics and realise how small we are when he points out that "if all of the past was played as a song then our lives are a beat of the drum." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlAm40MvlcA

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