March 06, 2014


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James - Frozen Britain

Here's a question: Have you ever felt let down by James? No? Thought not. Through the vagaries of public opinion, through the changes from indie to Madchester to pop messiahs to elder statesmen, one thing has remained consistent. James are  quality. This year is no different to any other as Manchester's artiest band return with their first full length album in six years. 'La Petite Mort' was recorded in the wake of Tim Booth losing both his mother and best friend in quick succession but (from this sample at least) refuses to dwell in sadness. The fact that La Petite Mort is - if I recall correctly and don't ask me how I know these things - la term Francais for orgasm may have something to do with this joyous edge. The album was recorded with a producer known for his work with Killers, Muse and White Lies but once Tim's unmistakeable vocals kick in it could really be nobody but James. Quality as always.

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