March 06, 2014


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Mark Morris - Space Cadet

Here's a blast from the past for you. The mid nineties Britpop boom to be precise. History may recall that period as a time of Blur Vs Oasis and very little else but then history can be very selective sometimes. It's easy to forget just how big The Bluetones were. To forget just how damned good they were. Dig out their greatest hits and remember. But before you do, click play on the animated Space Invaders style video below and realise that Mark Morris is still eminently capable of sparkling sunshine soaked sounds. Chiming, twanging guitars, a suitably spacy Moog and Mark's 'haven't aged a day in twenty years' vocals. Lovely sixties-ish summery pop for a dank March evening. Suddenly we're all young again.

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