March 08, 2014


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Beverley Martyn - Levee Breaks

The classicists amongst you are going to recognise a couple of things here: First, the artist; Beverley Martyn, ex-wife of John Martyn (and if you haven't actually listened to John then dig out 'Solid Air' the second you finish listening to the link below), friend of Nick Drake and a major talent in her own right. In April Beverley releases her first new album in 14 years,  'The Phoenix and The Turtle'. The first fruit of this is the second thing that you'll recognise. 'Levee Breaks' is obviously the song that Led Zeppelin made famous as 'When The Levee Breaks' (original by Kansa Joe McCoy and Moaning Minnie from 1929),  Beverley has taken the forceful terror in Zep's version and replaced it with a terrible, calm, sense of dread. The guitar work by producer Mark Pavey is stunning and Beverley's vocals truly haunting.

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