March 08, 2014


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The Beaches - Little Pieces

You know all that fuss that certain parts of the media made about Haim? You know the way that you saw them live on stage playing guitars and bought the album and found this 'thing' that didn't resemble the promise at all? The guitars and basses and live drums replaced by artificial sounds that would have been as at home on a Justin Bieber album? The way that you got the album home played it once, went 'meh' and didn't bother again? Here's the antidote. A 16-19 years old four piece, two of whom are sisters, the 'Haim' comparisons are as obvious as they are inaccurate as they are unfounded. The Beaches are what you thought Haim would sound like. The guitars are dirty, the edge is present, there's a PJ Harvey influence in places that their more widely recognised peers appear to have missed altogether. This is the sound that you thought  you were looking for.

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