March 19, 2014


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The Flies - Ruby Tuesday

Yes. THAT Ruby Tuesday. Obviously that Ruby Tuesday, you're hardly likely to accidentally call a track that and claim to be unaware of the original are you? You may recall that I raved about The Flies new single 'One Day My Baby Will Leave You' a couple of weeks ago - if you don't then feel free to scroll down, it's wonderful, you'll thank me for it. The single's out next Monday and just to jog your mind on it, here's the band performing their take on The Stones' classic single. It's a brave act that attempts something so iconic and feel that they can bring something new to the tune. The Flies are obviously that act. Hushed, slow, reverent, heartbroken. Fusing The Stones' melody with the feel of The Velvet Underground's self titled third album; Ladies and Gentlemen we have a very special act on our hands.

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