March 25, 2014


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Sumner - Shadow Park

You know when a vocalist reminds you of somebody very specific but you can't quite put your finger on exactly who? It's not Nancy Sinatra though there's a definite echo of her impeccable late 60s work with Lee Hazlewood. There's an American flavour to Sumner's 'Shadow Park' which may be attributed to Kristina Sarkisova (for such is the true identity of Sumner)'s time studying Music Business - that's the BUSINESS side of things not the art itself - at NYU. Business may have lost somebody, we've certainly gained. The haunting nature of her vocals may owe something to her Spanish/Russian heritage - there's definitely a touch of the exotic here. The backing is sparse - guitar, bass, drums and very little else - the result is bewitching. But I still don't know who she reminds me of. There are Laura Marling comparisons but this is far more interesting. I can feel a touch of Chris Isaak at his very best. Which is very odd as Sumner quite definitely doesn't sound like a bloke. If you figure this out, give us a yell.

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