April 03, 2014


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Merrymouth - I Am The Resurrection.

Yes. You heard right. You may remember that last week we teased you a little with the trailer video for Merrymouth's forthcoming second album 'Wenlock Hill'. Those of us who had heard the full album knew that something was being held back from the trailer. That something is here today. The album is a damn fine thing with Ocean Colour Scene vocalist Simon Fowler's folk tinged project excelling on both original material and fascinating, brave, cover versions. 'That Man' has a Kinks-ish vibe to it, 'Salt Breeze' is a sea shanty with the gentility and jollity of 'Yellow Submarine' in its salt splashed jauntiness (and a fine cameo from the legendary Chas Hodges.) 'He Was A Friend Of Mine' is The Byrds' lament of the killing of JFK reconfigured to cover the death of John Lennon and  The Stranglers' imperious 'Duchess' attains nobility from Merrymouth's decision that it feels like a Ray Davies song. The jewel in the crown though? The selling point? The reason you're reading this? What does it take to cover one of THE iconic tunes of the last thirty years? What does it take for the singer of a Britpop era band to tackle a tune that towered over, inspired, created that era? It could have been folly of the highest order. To take the song that closed The Stone Roses seminal first album and reinvent it as a stately, reverent piece built on piano, strings and the sound of heartbreak. It could have been seen as arrogance, foolishness, career suicide. It is none of these. It is quite simply majestic, finding a solitude and sorrow at the heart of the Roses' tune. Replacing the pride and defiance with regret and melancholy. There are many reasons to invest in Wenlock Hill but this is the one that you need in your life.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="680"] Merrymouth - I Am The Resurrection[/caption]  

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