July 15, 2014


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The Ting Tings - The Wrong Club

Is it wrong that I really like this? The Ting Tings were obviously over. 'That's Not My Name' was a blinding little single. Initially. Then it got drastically overplayed, everybody hated it and there was clearly no second idea to follow it up with. One trick ponies. The second album was released to almost crushing indifference. 'They still here then?' sort of feeling. Bye bye Ting Tings. Except. Here's the second idea. Somebody has decided that the best approach to a comeback is to go all Kylie. "We'll hide the bloke in the shadows and put the girl in a leather catsuit, Kylie meets Catwoman" And the song? "Let's go disco-y" And inadvertently we may well have a big summer sound. This is genuinely really, really good. (and many thanks to the wonderful louderthanwar.com for running this in the first place - John Robb's got a blinding site there, check it out, you won't be sorry)     

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