July 23, 2014


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Delaire - Sold Our Love

It might be the sunshine (although as the Jacksons warned us, we should be careful about blaming 'it' on the sunshine, whatever the 'it' is), it might be that the older I get, the more I embrace my inner disco diva (see the previous unexpected;y positive Ting Tings review, it might just be that I'm a contrary old sod and when somebody sends me a track with the proviso that I almost undoubtedly won't like it my natural default is to like it simply to surprise but...... I like this. 'This' is 'Sold Our Love' by Delaire. Delaire is London based Jenny Burdon and her debut single has been produced by Julian Simmons who has worked with 'noted head of BBC Extra's power list' Ed Sheeran (another reason to expect me to be disinclined to this) and Midlake (a damn fine reason to feel a lot more positive). Influences are listed as Fleetwood Mac, Blondie and Donna Summer and .....yeah, I'm having all of those. I can hear the influence in the Moroder influenced sequencing, in the Rapture era 'might be guitars/might be keyboards' and the strong sense of melody. First headline gig tonight at St Pancras Old Church. Which is miles away from me but if YOU happen to be in the area, go along, bask in the sunshine (but don't blame it for anything, obv) and possibly surprise yourself.

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