August 05, 2014


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Vomitface - Huffer

Clever, Vomitface. Very clever. Reel me in with that stupidly good cover of Kate Bush's 'Sat In Your Lap' (scroll down, you'll find it) and then hit me with your own stuff knowing I'll look on it favourably. In fairness, how can you not look favourably on an act that claims this about their new track; "Huffer" was written about this time Miley Cyrus came over to hang out our house while Keller was recording a grindcore band when we lived in Nashville. They were doing whatever they could to get blazed, including wrapping their faces in cellophane soaked in paint thinner. We found them in the basement out of their minds. They were mumbling incoherently about cannibalism and the last supper."? I don't believe any of that for a second but it sounds fantastic. 'Huffer' itself? A bit metally, a bit screamo, echoes of Nirvana but more accurately Hole in the Kurt/Courtney style yelps/screams, a bit noisy, a bit guttural. I may never listen to it again but I'm glad I did the once. I'm glad Vomitface are out there.

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