August 14, 2014


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Sin Cos Tan - The Line Of Best Fit

Look, before you start pointing out that I'm a miserable get, know this; I've had my 80s synth pop phase. It was in the 80s, it made sense then and I'm more than happy to leave it there with Our Daughter's Wedding and Classix Nouveaux and Blue Zoo and all those other bands that aren't referenced anymore for quite possibly very good reasons. But you lot,  well some of you lot anyway, you seem determined to make this 80s revival an actual thing. Evidence? That god awful Future Islands band with their appallingly overwrought to the point of embarrassment (ours, not his, I doubt he does embarrassment); A-Ha B-sides at best but everybody's liking them so ironically. Well, if you like your synth pop with an 80s feel, here's Sin Cos Tan (thoughts of O Level maths drawn screaming from the subconscious at the mention of the name) from out of Finland. Two albums to their name already and this third hitting on 18th of August. Clearly pretty damn accomplished lads. The album is apparently a concept based piece; to quote their press release "Led by a quirky narrative structure, the album tells the story of Michael Burana: a middle-aged American man facing a dead-end job and a failed marriage. To turn his life around, Michael decides to take a trip to Mexico, where he soon discovers a new career opportunity: that of a drug courier between the United States and South America. ‘Blown Away’ picks up from the sunny beaches of Mexico, and follows Michael's journey of newfound excess, fast money and hedonism; all the way to the corrupted heart of the Colombian cartels. Forever chasing the elusive ‘American Dream’, Michael's tale is the soundtrack of a world like no other." Damned if I can hear it to be honest. It all passes quite nicely, touch of the 'Driver' soundtrack to it all. Indistinct, ethereal vocals sit atop glacial keyboards and pulsing beats. If there's a story in it, I'm missing it. It's all pleasant enough and, let's be honest, if you're having Future Islands then there's no reason why you shouldn't have Sin Cos Tan as well. Me? Been there, done that, happy to leave it where it was. Perils of being old? Everything's been done. Joys of being old? Don't have to attempt hip anymore. 

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