August 29, 2014


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Reporters - Hold The Controls

I worry about the youth.  I've a 13 year old son and when he seizes control of the car radio, as he seems to on every car journey, I worry. I hate the music he listens to. Not hate it in the way that my Dad head the music that I listened to at 13 - he hated it because it was a noise, a thrash, a revolutionary call to arms, it was The Clash and The Pistols and Punk and Post Punk and then the Liverpool semi sort of psych punk scene - no, I hate it because it's all so bloody tedious. It's all Rihanna and David Guetta and Sam Smith and bad R7B and 'loo how dance we've gone' era Coldplay (and as an aside here - there's no way the other three in Coldplay can be happy with the crap that they're being made to put out though I imagine the money's quite nice) 'Where?' I ask with almost tedious repetition (although I'm sure he'd knock the 'almost' out of that sentence) "are the guitars? Where's the anger? Where's the passion?" Turns out it's in places like this. Reporters are 17, have obviously heard some Cribs and Libertines in their 17 years on the planet and thought 'That's what it's all supposed to sound like' so they've plugged in and kicked off. Their 'Seen Leaving' EP comes out on 29th Sept and 'Hold The Controls' is the first taste of that EP. Snotty, poppy, peppy, energetic and passionate. There appears to be a world between 13 and 17 (but we all knew that, we've all been there) - there may be some hope.

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