September 08, 2014


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Georgia Anne Muldrow - Ms One ep

I have a thirteen year old son. I've mentioned this before. I'd always wondered how my kids would rebel against me musically given that my record/CD/whatever counts in 2014 collection includes just about every genre you could wish to name (except metal, metal's rubbish). Turns out that the way the 13 year old has chosen to rebel is by listening to bland nonsense. At his age we had Bowie and Bolan, punk, then post punk and new wave and new romantic and mod and on and on and on and tribalism and importance and rebellion and noise. He's got Rihanna and seems to think that's sufficient. I'd accept the argument that I'm getting old and that I can't appreciate the music that the younger generation listens to apart from this one self evident truth; there is absolutely no invention. None. Whatsoever. It's all so bloody dull, so samey, so Example and David Guetta and Beyonce and tedious. Which makes Georgia Anne Muldrow that much more refreshing. A rap act that pulls from funk and jazz and off kilter polo in the way that great rap should. There's Prince in here and Bootsy Collins and the attitude of Nina Simone and the freedom that made Lauryn Hill so compelling on her first solo album, there's Erykah Badu and Outkast. There's politics and spirituality and melody and invention, endless wonderful invention.

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