September 08, 2014


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AxxonN N - Petri Dish

It's all about catching me at the tight moment really. Something that might not register at 6.30 at night after a day's work may be exactly what I'm looking for at 10.20am when I'm trying to wake up. So the one thing that it's about is timing. Timing and mystery. The two things we need here are timing and mystery. And a bit of energy. This Pyton referencing could go on for a while. Cutting to the chase; The press release says that very little is known about Axxon N so I won't try to elucidate, other than to let you know that it's nicely energetic, completely built of samples, noisy in a good way, has one of those names that decides that punctuation and grammar are out-dated concepts, that the debut double album comes out on October 13th and that I'm happy with what I've heard so far.

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