October 20, 2014


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OhBoy! - God, Look After The Quiet Kid

Sometimes all you need is simplicity. Simplicity in sound, simplicity in visuals. Helps if you have a song as wonderfully infectious as OhBoy!'s 'God, Look After The Quiet Kid' though. I'd have had these down as 'hailing from Portland, Oregon' but they're actually a five piece from Northampton with a marvellously American sound. Getting a lot of backing from the guys on 6 Music with the impeccable taste in noisy guitar pop (Ravenscroft, Lamacq), XFM and NME. The video's an empty room, a performance and band and friends messing round. Very little in life funnier than watching a drummer dance. This is their second EP, comes out today on download and vinyl and it's pretty damn impeccable.

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