October 27, 2014


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Dexys - Nowhere Is Home

1405959960__bigConsider this one of those 'for public information' things that I do every so often. I bought this upfront on Pledge. As people of impeccable taste I presume that many of you did also, probably (as with myself) on the back of the magnificent 'One Day I'm Going To Soar' album and the glorious live dates which accompanied the band's first album in 26 years. For those of you that didn't though? Here's your chance to rectify that oversight.

Nowhere Is Home is (initially) the documentary film that covers Dexys stint at London's Duke Of York Theatre, a suitable home for the theatricality of both the album and the live portrayal. You'll get most of the show, interspersed with Kevin Rowland and fellow original member 'Big' Jimmy Patterson discussing the role of this incarnation of the band. It's one of the finest music documentaries that you'll ever see. The joy though is in the six disc set; the film, the full show (including a full performance of 'One Day..' and reworking of selected Dexys classics) two CDs worth of the live show (yes it's on Spotify but you want the artefact, it's a thing of beauty) plus extras. £38 for the best damn show you ever saw? Bargain.    

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