November 20, 2014


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Redder - Let Us Get Out

Is that a pig in a hat? Why do the graphics keep going all fractal? Is it a Matrix reference? Are those vaguely Tuareg looking gentlemen really head banging on a tour bus? Is that the band? What the ****'s going on? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the damn fine video for 'ethereal electronic act' Redder's new single 'Let Us Get Out' - dragging up comparisons to Radiohead and Antlers at the moment and deservedly so. A lovely blend of folk and trip hop signalling the release on December 15th of their debut album 'Walk Long Play' - huge amount of promise if this first track is anything to go by. And the video? Director Taito Kawata says: "The video is an experimental neo-noir visualization with a claustrophobic hostage scene gone digitally mental." And who's going to argue with that?

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