November 20, 2014


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Celebrine & Alien Delon - Cellar Door

Go on. Having this as well. Obviously in a dark synth pop sort of mood this morning. The wonderfully named Celebrine & Alien Delon (Alien? Really? I want to be called Alien from now on) are a Russina duo with their debut album (all about the debuts today guys) out 8th December. They've obviously done their 80s homework; they're all Depeche and Cocteaus and the swoop of a Sugarcanes era Bjork and the chiming guitars of goth era Banshees and Cure. The video's all mysterious and glacial and they're clearly up for a bit of mystery. The swimsuit's a bit out of place though. The verse passes by almost un-noticed but the chorus is absolutely majestic. That's my inner new romantic sorted for the morning then.

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