Sticky Fingers - Just For You

Dubious about the phrase 'party rock group' in the press release, I clicked the Soundcloud link with no little trepidation, expecting a trying too hard wackiness similar to that appalling 'gypsy rock' band that everybody liked so ironically a couple of years ago, you know the ones, guy with a Victorian 'tache, Madonna used them to show how damn hip they were, can't remember their name, utterly wretched. Sticky Fingers aren't that at all. Not sounding particularly Australian (which they are), they come across as a version of Kasabian that's been infused with a blast of solid sunshine. Bit dancey, bit housey, all uplifting pianos and skittering drums, dreamy and warm. If you're intrigued by this you can catch them on the most bizarrely radom tour schedule of all time: November 21st – Duke of Cumberland, WHITSTABLE November 22nd – The Garage, LONDON November 23rd – The Winchester, BOURNEMOUTH November 24th – The Moon, CARDIFF   (Whitstable? Call it Scouse ignorance if you wish but I haven't got a clue where Whitstable actually is) Oh, and, you can download the single (apparently - I don't do technology, give it a crack, tell us how it works)

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