December 05, 2014


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Advent Calendar - Day 5

I know. I promised 'credible' Christmas songs and it looks like I may have strayed from the path with this....well, oddity is the only word we can possibly use. The song may not be credible but the artist is. The artist is possibly the most credible figure in the history of rock. The man who gave rock music a whole new language to play with. And a few years ago he decided it was time to record an album of Christmas songs. It may be a sincere attempt to recapture the sounds of his Hibbing, Minnesota (there's a clue) childhood. It may be him trying to inject some of the joy and innocence of the 50s into the depressed modern era. It may just be an elaborate joke, something he felt like doing one morning. We'll never know. He'll never tell us. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the man who wrote 'Like A Rolling Stone': Bob Dylan, 'It Must Be Santa'.

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