December 11, 2014


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Advent Calendar Day 11

I love Sinead O'Connor. I love the fact that she exists, that she is willing to say whatever happens to be on her mind at any given moment, that she is willing to take on anybody in the music industry, in the media, in the papacy - people criticise the new Band Aid record? Whops, Sinead's on it, you'll have to deal with Sinead now and she's taking no prisoners, you don't win an argument with Sinead. Mostly, though, I love the fact that Sinead has an utterly beautiful voice to tie to her maverick spirit and is willing to undertake covers that others may find odd, affected, maudlin or cliched - witness her incredible version of 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina'. Witness this: Day 11. Sinead O'Connor. Silent Night.

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