January 04, 2015


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Andy White - All It Does Is Rain

You may remember Andy White. You may not. In fairness, you have to be pretty old to remember him but Andy White was bloody great. An excellent, organised religion baiting, single called 'Religious Persuasion' in 1985 and a fantastic, genuinely fantastic album entitled 'Rave On Andy White' (thereby evoking thoughts of both Buddy Holly and Andy's Irish compatriot Van Morrison in one go) in 1986. Neither made him the pop star that he should have been. Strike that, not pop star. Andy was never going to be a pop star, he was far too good for that. He was a Dylan fan - undoubtedly still is - who wanted to say something with his music. That single, that album, was as big as Andy ever got but - as with all true artists - he kept on keeping on. And he's still here. Well, still in Melbourne where he now resides but over here for a (far too short) tour starting on January 25th - dates below. Naturally there's new music; an album called 'How Things Are' released last year and, from it, this gloriously sweet, simple single 'All It Does Is Rain.' For those out there willing to believe that Ed Sheeran is in some way a singer/songwriter, here's the real deal. Andy White, still bloody great.    
Sunday 25th January 2015    The Half Moon- Putney, London Monday 26th January 2015    Celtic Connections Festival – Glasgow Arts Club Tuesday 27th January 2015    Sneaky Pete’s - Edinburgh Wednesday 28th January 2015  The Wee Gig @ The Hopetoun Arms - Abington, Lanarkshire Thursday 29th January 2015    The Met - Bury Friday 30th January Friday 30th January 2015      Korks Wine Bar & Brasserie- Otley, Yorkshire Saturday 31st January           Chapel Arts Centre –Bath (as part of Independent Music Venues week) Sunday 1st February            Whelan’s – Dublin  

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