February 03, 2015


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The Sundowners - If Wishes Were Horses

I assume that there's a major crisis going on in the music business PR trade; nobody's sent me anything halfway interesting in the last fortnight. I'm stuck with the same stuff that bored me when they first sent it last year. So, in the absence of anyone sending me anything new, I'm going off piste and telling you about stuff I think you need to hear. The Sundowners. Signed to The Coral's label. Two members of the band are siblings of the Skelly members of The Coral, one member may well be the son of Chris Sharrock, drummer for Oasis, Beady Eye, The La's, World Party, Robbie Williams, The Icicle Works etc. etc. There's so much more than nepotism going on here though. The Sundowners are a damn fine band, both live and on record. Fleetwood Mac-esque dual female harmonies over a backing that is pure, perfect garage psych. Album out soon, bound to catch them live if you try hard enough. In the meantime, this is the phenomenal 'If Wishes Were Horses'.

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