February 03, 2015


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Du Blonde

Remember 'Beth Jeans Houghton'? She was going to be huge a few years ago? Absolutely huge? With her band 'The Hooves of Destiny' and her album 'Yours Truly Cellophane Nose'. All the tastemakers had her down as the next big thing. And when the album finally showed we all realised that she was actually just a little bit underwhelming? Looks like she may have had the same feelings as the rest of us. She's reinvented herself. "This is a new sound, a new project. Du Blonde is a new incarnation and one step closer to assuming my ultimate form. Having freed myself from the rusty and bloody shackles of Beth Jeans Houghton – both musically and spiritually – I felt it only right to step forth under a new name and let the rituals commence.” Beth is now 'Du Blonde' and what you'll see below is a 40 second teaser for the new project. Hard to tell from 40 seconds of anything but sounds a little less self consciously, knowingly, clever and more based in an actual tune - a fairly Polly Harvey-ish tune at thathttp:/. Though one presumes the rest of the album will be a little longer and anything could happen from here. Decent start though.  

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