February 24, 2015


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Jacco Gardner - Find Yourself

You know that we like a bit of classicism around here, like big guitars, winsome melodies, horns, keyboards, a bit of baroque pop with a distinctly 60s edge. And if you're going to phase your vocals a bit with a chopped guitar and some Hammond organ behind it then all the better. Jacco Gardner then. Dutch producer and multi instrumentalist (everything except drums on this) with his album, Hypnophobia, out on May 4th. Find Yourself is the first taste of it, followed by a tour of that there America. It is, of course, everything that we like in one little packet. (As are 'Clear The Air' and 'A House On The Moon' which follow immediately after on his Soundcloud account.) Basically gorgeous. https://soundcloud.com/jaccogardner/find-yourself-1

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