February 27, 2015


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The Acorn - Influence

Remember The Acorn? There 'No Ghost' album came out five years ago on the Bella Union label. Very Bella Union sort of act, obviously the kind of act that fans of Fleet Foxes would take to their hearts. Some did, there was some acclaim but generally speaking their damn, damn fine work slipped between the cracks. Loved by those who bought it, ignored, unnoticed by so many more. Then they were gone. Forgotten basically. Five years on and post 'some significant break ups, both professionally and personally', Rolf Klausener (who basically IS The Acorn) is back with a new album, Vieux Loup, out this spring on Paper Bag Records. The first fruit of this new work is 'Influence'; a mellow, skeletal thing of relaxed beats and acoustics topped by Klausener's gentle vocals. A lovely, lovely thing which will appeal to the John Grant fan in us all. Wonderful to have The Acorn back, if everybody would just pay more attention this time. https://soundcloud.com/theacorn/influence

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