March 02, 2015


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Jody Brock - Phoenix

Look, I don't 'do' Brit School graduates with their plastic approach to identikit conveyor belt emotionless pap. Your Adeles, your Jessie J's, your well trained, well honed, bland chart fodder. I'mm all about authenticity and music that burns with the soul of the person that made it. Music that sounds like it NEEDED to be made rather than that exists as the by product of a business deal. Good jo I didn't read the press notes on Jody Brock before listening to Phoenix then. Phoenix is the most upbeat of the four tracks that constitute Brock's debut EP and it growls and prowls and roars in the way that soul doesn't any more. It has vigour and vitality and attitude and a bit of edge. Brock is a Brit school graduate. Nice to approach without bias as this is clearly the first thing to emerge from that place with any bollocks. This lad, with his love of Donny Hathaway and the Black Keys and his desire to blend both, is going to be big.

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