March 02, 2015


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Noel Gallagher - In The Heat Of The Moment (Toydrum Rework)

I'll be honest; I was distinctly underwhelmed by 'Ballad Of The Mighty I'. Noel by numbers I thought. 'Meh' I thought. Empty, disappointing. The album though? The album's a little cracker. Actually, finally, contains the long rumoured 'Girl With The X-Ray Eyes'. Doesn't disappoint. It's exactly what you want from a Noel Gallagher album. And the deluxe version has some lovely bonuses as well. Like this: The Toydrum remix of In The Heat Of The Moment. We already liked Toydrum (Pablo Clements of Unkle and James Griffith) for their own work, now we like them for remixing others. (As an addendum, the next track on the soundcloud clip I'm giving you is the Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve mix of 'Ballad Of..'. Far better than the single version.)

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