March 09, 2015


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Northern American - Elysian

Had me from the first guitar note. From the interlinked acoustics strumming quietly to the bass notes gently plucking. All this needed was for the vocal to be decent and we were on a winner. And the vocal came in; hushed, reflective, calm. Melodic. Melodic's very important in pop, don't you think? Something that you can latch onto. Northern American have the effortless pop charm of Fountains Of Wayne or The Lemonheads. It's instinctive, gorgeous. It's the kind of sound that makes you think that being in a band is the best thing on earth; sun dappled and country tinged, slightly heartbroken but surviving. And then the song stops and the LA quartet just keep going, playing for the sheer joy of the groove they're in; it's an outro to kill for, a Wilco moment, an Avi Buffalo moment. Its what all great guitar music does. Debut album (Modern Phenomena) out on May 18th and I'll happily tell you all about it just as soon as I've given it a spin. I'm on the third play of 'Elysian' and I think I may be in love with this band. If it's all like this then we've got a hell of an album on our hands. Pretty bloody special. http:/iframewidth=854height=510src=

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