March 20, 2015


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Andy Shauf - Bearer of Bad News

Sorry. Been away. Got locked out. I was knocking and everything but the website wasn't letting me in. Back now. You'd hope I'd have something with me that was worth waiting for wouldn't you? Here you go. Andy Shauf. Loads of Andy Shauf. New album, Bearer Of Bad News, out in May but for the time being here's a link to his Soundcloud page. Listen to the 'Sam Jones Feeds His Demons EP' and think Elliott Smith, think Bon Iver and think 'Christ we've stumbled on someone special here'. Canadian, the album written on his Grandfather's guitar and recorded in his parent's basement, just done SXSW, got three gigs in England (London, Brighton and The End Of The Road Festival, nowt up North), basically bloody lovely.

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