March 23, 2015


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Sukh - For The Road

Wow. Just wow. Right, Sukh is a Mancunian and we have lots of Mancunian followers so you may already know him but in case you don't: A Doctor by day. Which is obviously pretty damn impressive in itself. As a hobby he makes short films. And, crucially, also does THIS. 'This' is prime, top rate, quality acoustic singer songwriter stuff of a classic stripe. There are rings colouring and there's passion dripping from every second of the vocal. The press release compares it to Sufjan Stevens (which we're having) but, much, much more importantly, Cat Stevens. Which we're definitely having. Taken from the album 'Heading East' which will hit us this winter (Winter? Really? Dow e genuinely have to wait that long? It's not like you've got other things to do....oh yeah, that's right....).

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