NRVS LVRS - Golden West

Far be it from me to bring politics into the site but....... We've just had five years of a Government that makes Thatcher's reign look caring and compassionate and not a single one of our musicians has had anything to say on the subject. At least in the 80s the iron grip we lived under resulted in some epic, legendary, timeless music; music with a heart, a courage, an intent to change things. What do we get now? The colonisation of the charts by middle class Brit School kids with nothing to say. So what does it take to add some anger to your art? For San Francisco's NRVS LVRS (say it out loud, the vowels will fall into place quite naturally) it's California's Ellis Act whereby landlords can evict tenants in order to change rental units into purpose built condos. Kicking people out for a profit? Sound familiar? Put the words 'bedroom' and 'tax' into the sentence and the band are talking for us. The result of their very righteous anger at a fate that has befallen friends of theirs? A shimmering, glowing dream of a track that beautifully binds their ire to a lightly pulsing backing replete with a short film (not a video) by acclaimed photographer Elizabeth Weinberg which illustrates the point in the most touching, honest, human manner. Somebody got angry. About bloody time. Tremendous.

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