March 30, 2015


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The Lucid Dream - Unchained Dub

We've spoken about The Lucid Dream before. We covered their last single with it's rolling baselines and psychedelic washes and dreamy vocals. Ww liked it. A lot. We trust that you felt the same way. You are, after all, people of immense taste. Which means that you're anticipating their new self titled album as much as we are. Saw these lads a few weeks ago. The Magnet in Liverpool. Live, they pummel you. There's no other word for it; they pummel you. They're absolutely relentless; a wall of noise hammering at your senses. You know there's a pop sensibility at play but it's coming at you from the depths of a scream; the guitars are doing things you don't expect guitars to do outside of a My Bloody Valentine gig and doing them gorgeously. But roaring. And the bassist? Bloody hell, the bassist. I've never seen anyone put so much into hitting four strings. Drove everything, rock steady, solid, heavy. Saw them on a Friday night, regained my hearing on the Tuesday morning. It was wonderful. To celebrate the release of the album (which you're now about to go and buy) here's 'Unchained Dub'; as the name implies it's got that heavy dub reggae rhythm - and a dash of melodica as all the best dub does - but layers all kinds of wonderful terror over the top. You don't need to thank us, just go and get the album. Then, prepare yourself for the live experience.

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