April 11, 2015


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Malpas - Under Her Sails

Part of the joy of doing this - there are many joys in doing this but one of those joys - is the fact that you get to see so many interesting videos. There's a definite trend to videos at the moment in that many of them are small, impressionistic films in their own right; not connected to the music so much as inspired by it. The film for Malpas' 'Under Her Sails' is no exception; a sterile world, a dream of escape, reflective surfaces all over the place. Beautifully shot, strangely emotional, haunting. The music deserves the images. Nicely lo-fi, dreamily melodic, washes of keyboards floating over hand claps, a Spector-esque snare to bring in the beat, 80s fretless bass and bells. Bells everywhere. Malpas are songwriter Ali Forbes and producer Andy Savours with Andy stepping out from behind a desk that he's manned for The Horrors, Sigur Ros and My Bloody Valentine. Which, as CVs go, is fairly impressive. 'Under Her Sails' is their debut single. 27th April. Stick it in your diaries.

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