April 13, 2015


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Michael Head - The Olde Worlde (and more)

In 1997, Liverpool legend (absolute legend) Michael Head - ex of The Pale Fountains and then still very much OF Shack - released a solo album; Michael Head Introducing The Strands' 'The Magical World of The Strands'. The line up was basically by any other name but the album was different. Dreamlike, hazy, unique. It's a masterpiece. It's a masterpiece of Nick Drake/John Martyn levels of genius. Obviously it's been unavailable for years. A buried treasure; hinted at, sought after. Now - well, in July, 13th of July if we're being exact - it's back. Re-released on CD, download and that new fangled vinyl thing that all the hip kids are buying. And it's not alone. Preceding it - on 29th June - is a brand new sibling (not the NEW, new Michael Head album that's on its way but new to the world in general), 'The Olde Worlde'.  To tease you into this, here's the first track that's been shared from this unheard album. 'It's Harvest Time' is a full band version of a track which originally appeared on '...The Strands' in solo acoustic form. The band version fills the song out, adds depths, adds colour, is as predictably gorgeous as you would expect. https://soundcloud.com/megaphone-5/its-harvest-time-band-version/s-rhHW9   And, since we're all about value here at ei8htball, and since we adore Michael Head; here's the videos for his last double A-sided single. (Also because I get to feel good about the fact that....well......I made the videos for these.)

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