April 22, 2015


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of Montreal - Bassem Sabry

It was a late night. I woke up with a headache. You know, one of those 'not slept enough, pain just behind the eye' niggly headaches that refuses to budge. I'm in a bad mood. I've spent the last hour wading through potential reviews, going 'rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, not reviewing this'. Or words to that effect. Then I get to this. And I don't know. I'm thrown off. I nearly switch off after 40 seconds. But I don't. I can't. It's all over the place. I like that. It nearly makes sense but then decides that it's going to refuse to conform. Guitars decide that they're going to create a middle eight that belongs to another song. Lachrymose strings pop their heads in to sadden the joyful madness while the video's full of milk and puppies and baths and paper ache and stop motion and apples being punched. And somewhere in all this you realise that 'I believe in witches, I believe in you, you, you' is the poppies, happiest phrase that you've ever heard. It's Captain Beefheart meets disco and if you don't think that's a fine thing then you're not paying enough attention. The album, 'Aureate Gloom', is out now and they're touring England this week on the back of both the new album and a live set released for Record Store Day (so probably at an overinflated price on eBay as we speak with all the other RSD stuff). Obviously they played Liverpool last night. Obviously I found out this morning. Damn.

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