April 22, 2015


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Goldsmack - Wild Season

Pressed play on the Soundcloud link without reading the press release. Might be worth you doing the same before reading on, see what you think.   https://soundcloud.com/goldsmack/sets/a-wild-wild-season-1/s-o7BNP Right. Are you back? Cool. We agree then. Wow. Just wow. The visuals made me think that I was getting some kind of modern house act. All trippy dance beats, big pianos, that kind of thing. If I'd read the press notes for this taster for their debut five track EP   first, I'd have known what I was getting into. As it was, I made the same comparisons myself. And bloody good comparisons they are too. A bit of Nick Cave, a bit of Ennio Morricone - which became pertinent when I realised that this 'psychedelic power pop trio' are Italian by birth and base - and one hell of a lot of Lee and Nancy. (Hazlewood and Sinatra if you weren't sure). This is Sand, this is Summer Wine, this is quite definitely Some Velvet Morning. This is something else.  

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