May 05, 2015


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Lunacre - Engine

Wasn't sure about this. Was told that I'd love it. Wasn't sure. Kind of meandered into life with noises and ambience and the occasional line of vocal. Didn't seem to be going anywhere. And then it did something. Just as I was about to hit stop, it did something. It became funky. For a bit. And then it went a bit Hall and Oates and then it went a bit Talk Talk (both these things are good things, very good things indeed) and then it decided to do a few of these things at the same time. Then it stopped. And I started it again. It's all kind of layered and multi-sectiony (which is a long way from being a real word and lot further away from resembling actual journalism of any kind) and Peter Gabriel-esque and bewitching and finger clicky and I'm playing it again and liking it more the second time and sure I'll like it even more the third time. And onwards from there.

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