May 18, 2015


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35 years ago

I didn't discover Joy Division until August 1980. Love Will Tear Us Apart on the radio in a rented house in Newquay. As I recall it, Top Of The Pops was off air due to a muscians' union strike, NME, Melody Maker, Sounds etc off the shelves for similar reasons. I heard this song with no filters, no explanation. I had no idea whether I was supposed to like it or not; it was very slightly unlike anything else I'd ever heard. It chimed though. It said something. I had no idea that Ian Curtis was already gone before I heard his voice. I went home, I bought Unknown Pleasures. Didn't know if it was the first album or the second but loved the cover.

Bought Closer, bought Love Will Tear Us Apart. Listened obsessively. Then found that THIS existed. A 12" single when that was the most important thing that there was. A reissue. A reissue of one side of a double A that had originally appeared only in France. Atmosphere. There are days when I believe that this is the single greatest piece of music ever made by human hands. There are lots of those days. Today is one of them. Today is the 35th anniversary of the day that a young man tragically took his own life and left a legacy that has never dated and has carried his spirit with it every step. RIP Ian Curtis.

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