May 18, 2015


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Elvis Depressedly - New Alhambra

Don't think of this as a review, it's not. It can't be, I haven't actually listened to this yet (I'm like really busy and tons to do and if I'm at my desk a full album can be a stretch, I need to be moving to listen to a full album, need to give it time.) BUT. I loved 'Thou Shalt Not Murder' and the wonderfully named Elvis Depressedly are sharing their whole 'New Alhambra' album on that lovely Soundcloud thing that we all rely on nowadays so I thought it would be unfair to sit on it when you could be listening to it yourself.

Tell you what (oh, I'm on track 2, NMSS now and it's equally lovely, reckon the whole album's going to be sound) you put YOUR reviews in the comments below. I'm expecting overwhelming positivity.

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