June 08, 2015


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Richard Thompson - Broken Doll

I never know with Richard Thompson. I think it's the voice. In the way some people can't get past Dylan's broken growl to hit the genius of the songs (witness the way people seem to prefer Adele's dull version of 'To Make You Feel My Love), I just can't get past Richard's. I respect him, obviously. You can't not respect him, he's a major figure and an incredible guitarist, an artist who's always been there, always at the forefront of his chosen genre. In fairness, he's pretty much now hi very own genre anyway. The voice still gives me pause here but the song is excellent.

From the new album ('Still' out on 29th June and produced by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy), this is dark and sinister with splashes of volume pedal tinged guitar in the middle. It's simple in the best way, there's no flashy soloing - though he's more than capable of playing anything you bloody want him to - just atmospheric and perfectly appropriate. A master craftsman at work, produced by another.

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