June 08, 2015


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Gunship - The Mountain

It's very hard to get away from the fact that we're reviewing the video more than the song here but the fact that they have THIS video is one hell of a selling point. The first music video to be made in GTA V's brand new editor/director function (don't ask me, it's way too technological for me, I can barely work this page) it's a weirdly familiar trip back into a world that the vast majority of us feel we know pretty much intimately. Not so much sequel as something that was happening off to one side while you were taking Trevor off on murderous sprees.

It's a duel, a war between two men that becomes ....basically bigger, better, faster, more until there are jet planes and marines involved. It's the kind of gloriously over the top production that you'd never get a budget for in anything resembling a 'real' world. Musically? Quite aptly, The Mountain sounds like a tune that wouldn't be out of place on the 'Drive' soundtrack; ghostly, electronic, conjuring up images of a broken down, seedy, washed out LA....sorry, Los Santos...night.

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