July 20, 2015


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Mark Morris - Lucretia (My Reflection)

Well, *obviously* it's not a coincidence. Obviously he hasn't somehow stumbled across just happening to use the same title as a Sisters Of Mercy track, especially not a title like that. It's a cover. Obviously it's a cover. It's a wonderfully odd choice to cover yet The Bluetones' Mark Morris has managed to uncover a beating pop heart at the centre of the Sisters' original doom laden, reverb soaked masterpiece, putting an upbeat positivity into the track that Eldritch and co possibly never envisaged. Still kept the black leather gloves and aviator shades from the original though. Preserving the vibe.


Just one gem from his 'The Taste of Mark Morris' album out on Acid Jazz on July 31st. Look at the track listing below and ask yourself 'why wouldn't I want this?' This Pullover (originally by Jess Conrad) Rock & Roll Woman (originally by Buffalo Springfield) Souvenir (originally by OMD) Self Control (originally by Laura Branigan) Duchess (originally by Scott Walker) You Are My Friend (originally by Rain Parade) Lucretia (My Reflection) (originally by Sisters of Mercy) Angel (originally by Madonna) Almost Gold (originally by Jesus & Mary Chain) Don’t Let Go (originally by Weezer) Love Comes Quickly (originally by The Pet Shops Boys) Good Archives (originally by REM)

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