July 20, 2015


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Pete Gardiner - Idols

The press release had me at Pete's influences; Dylan, Cohen, Springsteen. It then befuddled (great word that) me with the revelation that he would be playing 'Total Access Live' alongside Lawson, Stereokicks, Dappy (DAPPY!!!! God almighty, is he still a thing?), Sarah Harding and many more. God knows what that audience is going to make of Pete Gardiner; he's far too good for them.

A classic Americana influenced singer songwriter with a Lloyd Cole feel to his writing and his band, all acoustic guitars and Hammond(ish) organs, the track Idols is a lovely meditation on just exactly how tatty society's obsession with shallow 'celebrities' is. What you've got here is a link to the entire Idols EP, out on 28th of August. And it's all absolutely smart.


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